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Ask Him To Dance Doc - The Wonderful Life Of Mrs.Knott
September 5th, 2005
07:30 pm


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Ask Him To Dance Doc
ok heres a large update.
school started. UGH. i hateee schooool. dont like my teachers in comparison to the other years. and the people other than my friends in the class suck lol. and now on to more important things, like my weekend.

Friday~hung out with best pal man boobs. made list for the crestview cup. spray painted the trophy lol."Owen...Courtney doesnt like you" went to go see miss MIA. went home after, but i dont rememebr what i did.

saturday~worked at angoie's car wash. go very wet and sscreamed and peopel passing my. lots of carsss. went back to angies and ate. then went home and took a much needed shower. went back to angies for her party. had a bonfire, hung out in the wandering traveller hahaha.

sunday~ went to the mall with my mom and sister. bought more clothes. came back and picked sandra up to go babysit. ate some food, wqatched sex and city & home fires. feel asleep for a while. then the garge door was seen, yet no one came to get us lol. got picked up around 1 then went to the poulas and then the jess's. watched sex & the city and went to bed.

monday~went home from jess's and got ready for the crestview cup. went to willaims. and then went to angies. dun dun dunnn. she was busy :(. went around the block once with the CC. then angie had to go. went to erins. she wasnt home! got kevin and then went to trebeccas. omg some one was home! go her and then got colby. everyoen else was suddenly gone. arghhh. airgo the crestview cup is delayed till next weekend. then went mountain bikking or whaterever you want to call it, with willaim kevin and colby. cam eout a the golf course, got yelled at by golfers. went back. had to get home, so weleft. went to drop steph off at school. brought up more of her stuff.

well that was mt fabulously busy weekend. so tierdddd.

and to wrap up the weekend:
Happy Birthday Angie!
Sandra and Jess are so Keanu (hehejk)
I Love my one and only freind and social life Willaim Man Boobs Team Green



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