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What Ever Happend To Saturday Niiiiiight - The Wonderful Life Of Mrs.Knott
September 21st, 2005
08:44 pm


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What Ever Happend To Saturday Niiiiiight
okay wow this thing needs an update.
i have no idea what happend like last week and weekned. ummm
this weekend:
friday~went to the mall with shebly and jess. jess was retarded. ashely talllbooot. shelby was the motherrrr. "that guys was hot!" hahaha. goodtimes.

saturday~went to my cousin's football games at my sisters collage. then came home. jess came over with rocky horror!!! then neal, seth, sandra and shelby showed up. watched like 5 minutes of rhps and then play battle of the sexes. played man hut and then went to go to norman's house haha. didn't make it al the way there. lol. and someone made the light go on. played some mortal combat and almost everyone went home. crazy rest of the night. "____ you just got rappped!" haha omg most hilarious night ever. listen to some rocky horror. watched clue. had the randomest conversations ever. lol

sunday~did all my freaken' homework and watched the pats game.


thats all i feel like writing now


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