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Wha????? - The Wonderful Life Of Mrs.Knott
May 15th, 2006
08:11 pm


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Umm ya, so i'm not sure how i got here, but i did. went looking through all my old post and i was quite amused. Now i'm kinda wishing i hadn't stoped updateing even though Live Journal wasn't coooool anymore. Because it was quite interesting to look back on all the old entries its funny to be able to remmeber all those things. so ya i'm going to do an update. sooo the last tiem i updated waa in september....it's now may....ya i can't really do an udate of all that.

so prom was this weekend. felt kinda short, but at least there was only a little bit of boredness. Grillz videos are always nessicary, especially if sandra is not there. after prom was cool. me and jess have a strange obsession with theblow up obstical course thing. ya. hypnatist was hilarious. it was really cool. 

senoirs leave soon. only a year left for us. cool? kinda wierd

so life in general update.....ya okay.....people say that things are changing, but i think it's just the same thing over and over. I'm sure certain people know what i mean about the one week off and then the 3 weeks on :D. ya but at least karma does seem to be a bitch after all and maybe it will work out for the best. either way i wouldn't change a thing. everything hasn't nessicarily been the right chocies, but its been for the right people and thats all thats going to matter in the future.

this has not been an amusing update so

totaly forget how to do the BOB mood theme.....But at least my Wadsworht icon is cool

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